African Christian Authors – Celebrating 2021 Awardees – #Issue 3 April 2022

African Christian Authors #Issue 3 April 2022

Celebrating ACABA 2021 Awardees and Their Relentless Efforts to Answer God's Writing Calling for Them

From disruptive challenges in writing and publishing, to out-of-this-world perseverance to get books in the hands of readers, this issue celebrates ACABA’s 2021 awarded authors and their relentless efforts to answer God’s writing calling for them.

Books that are impacting the African continent

There are several ways that books will influence our lives in Africa. This is by giving us insight into how other people in our continent and other continents live for Jesus Christ. They also broaden our worldview and influence our thoughts on social, moral and faith issues. The more we read as a continent, the better people we become.

While we have consumed great imported content in the past, this season has seen a rise in the creation of local content. Now the task lies in creating the demand for the same in an information-flooded era. It can be done and today we start with ACABA and twelve top content books and authors from Kenya and Uganda. It’s a journey of a thousand steps…Here’s the first one!

Muthoni Omukhango. Convener, African Christian Authors Book Award – ACABA | National Director, CLC Kenya

Featured Stories

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  • Aba Yankah Geker May 15, 2022

    Kudos to the CLC team for your commitment to propagating the Word of God through Christian literature in Africa. I was personally touched by the writing journey of Daisy Mugiira who was inspired to write her book due to a family issue that left her mother heartbroken.
    I was impressed with the fact that she made efforts to encourage teens to make wise decisions with issues of sex and relationships so as to prevent others from making similar mistakes. This was based on the experience her own sister went through.
    It is my hope that we are all inspired by the circumstances we find ourselves in to make a better way for others to follow. Kudos to Daisy and all other African writers out there!

  • Jackline Ingasian April 24, 2022

    Having witnessed the the journey of seeing Authors moving from submissions to being Nominees and reading their writing journeys which brought me to tears at times when they were sharing and seeing them overcome the challenges and choosing African Christian Authors Book Award ACABA to soar to higher heights is realy a humbling experience

    You reading it will be a way of saying I am creating, recognizing, promoting a reading culture In Africa and beyond

    • CLC Kenya April 26, 2022

      Thank you Jackie. We appreciate your consistency in building a reading culture in Africa.

  • Edith Makori April 20, 2022

    This is great work…Injili iendelee

    • CLC Kenya April 20, 2022

      Thank you Edith. Injili iendelee!

  • Matarimo April 20, 2022

    The same way we win a Soul to Christ is what I am experiencing in regards to this magazine; another platform utilised (won)to the Glory of God

    • CLC Kenya April 20, 2022

      Thank you Matarimo.

  • Lee Mwandiki April 16, 2022

    For many years African Christian Authors have been yearning for a platform to share their writing journeys. The magazine and ACABA will now enable the authors to reach greater heights.

    • CLC Kenya April 20, 2022

      Thank you Lee. Cheers to greater heights.

  • Nelly Kagoru April 16, 2022

    Congratulations CLC for this amazing initiative to become The hub for African authors. We celebrate you! The various stories in this magazine create a great masterpiece of the greater work that God is doing in each of our lives. They are stories that are empowering and transformational in the lives of the readers. God bless you all.

    • CLC Kenya April 20, 2022

      Thank you Nelly Kagoru.

  • Patrick Omukhango April 15, 2022

    This magazine is an amazing first step. Telling our African stories through our books and writing calls is a great initiative. The stories are so touching and remind us that God is at work in our nations and continent.

    • CLC Kenya April 20, 2022

      Thank you Patrick.

  • Abiah Adnah McKenna April 15, 2022

    The Magazine is engaging and professionally done. The stories are captivating and wish all the awardees a great future as they reach more readers.

    • CLC Kenya April 20, 2022

      Thank you Adnah.

  • Joan Njoki April 15, 2022

    If for nothing else, may we know that there are seasoned African Christian Authors advancing the continent’s narrative to the Glory of God. It was a very moving experience for me, to work alongside the CLC Kenya team as a Managing Editor,to put this magazine together. God is speaking to His people, regarding the harvest and this continent. The African Authors have answered the call.

    • CLC Kenya April 20, 2022

      Thank you Joan. You are a great Managing Editor.

  • Being an Editor in Chief for this edition was such an honour for me. Having read all the stories featured, I was moved greatly to reflect again on the WHY we do what we do at CLC Kenya and ACABA. The impact God is causing in His authors and their recipients, is so real and tangible. I am grateful to God that I can participate in amplifying these messages.

    Also working alongside amazing missioners has been humbling and very fulfilling. I love hardworkers and I am glad to see the fruit of these hardworker’s labour of love.

    May God be glorified and His Kingdom advanced through Christian literature in Africa and beyond.

    • CLC Kenya April 20, 2022

      Thank you Muthoni Omukhango for your input.

  • CLC Kenya April 15, 2022

    Leave your comment below and stand a chance to win a book gift hamper from CLC Kenya/ACABA.

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