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Karibu (welcome) to 14 years of books and publishing ministry. We aim to increase access to books that impact our communities for Jesus Christ in Africa and beyond. 

African Christian Authors #Issue 4 May 2022

Appreciating Men and Women Using Their Expertise to Serve their African Continent by Judging Books

African Christian Authors – Appreciating 2022 Judges – #Issue 4 May 2022

African Christian Authors #Issue 3 April 2022

Celebrating ACABA 2021 Awardees and Their Relentless Efforts to Answer God's Writing Calling for Them.

African Christian Authors – Celebrating 2021 Awardees – #Issue 3 April 2022

African Christian Authors #Issue 2019-4 October 2019

Celebrating the Start of Christian Authors Collaboration efforts in Africa!

2019 Year in Review

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