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Bibles & Books Distribution

We have distributed hundred thousands of Bibles and Books in the larger Eastern Africa region since 2007. We ensure you or your recipient receive the right Bibles & books at the right time hassle-free to you no matter where you order from.

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Reach East Africa through CLC Kenya

CLC Kenya overseas partnerships include…

Book Programs

One of the most successful ways to ensure that your readers are impacted by the content of your book is through book programs.

Engage CLC Kenya to organize with and for you short conferences, long series trainings, or online delivery courses to reach your target readers and ensure their lives are forever changed.

iGen Teens Program

This is a 1-year school holidays training program for teenage Authors (Fiction and Non-Fiction), Poets, Illustrators and Graphic Designers.

CLC Kenya Authors Collaboration and iGen Kids Program celebrate children as authors and artists by giving them a voice through publishing – because all children have a story to share.

We partner with like-minded organizations to offer a platform to share diverse stories widely through an artist-led publishing process.

Family Reading Program

Why a family-reading picnic? Reading with and aloud to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world.

  1. The family fun day includes:
    1. Reading picnic for families
    2. Books-centered games
    3. Colouring and painting games
    4. Storytelling centered on books and reading culture
    5. Fun and games for the whole family
    6. Graduation and book launches for iGen Teens
    7. Registrations for iGen Teen Authors & Artists next class
    8. Graduation of Writers from the writing class
    9. Display & sale of great reads from Kenya.

This event (held twice a year) helps highlight the importance of recognizing the power of books and the positive impact our country will continue to have by being a reading nation.