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Magazine: Celebrating ACABA 2021 Awardees and Their Relentless Efforts to Answer God’s Writing Calling for Them #Issue 3


From disruptive challenges in writing and publishing, to out-of-this-world perseverance to get books in the hands of readers, this issue celebrates ACABA’s 2021 awarded authors and their relentless efforts to answer God’s writing calling for them. Here are the stories for your enjoyment and at no cost to you. 

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Books that are impacting the African continent

There are several ways that books will influence our lives in Africa. This is by giving us insight into how other people in our continent and other continents live for Jesus Christ. They also broaden our worldview and influence our thoughts on social, moral and faith issues. The more we read as a continent, the better people we become.

While we have consumed imported content in the past, this season has seen a rise in the creation of local content. Now the task lies in creating the demand for the same in an information-flooded era. It can be done and today we start with ACABA and twelve top content books and authors from Kenya and Uganda. It’s a journey of a thousand steps…Here’s the first one!

Muthoni Omukhango. Convener, African Christian Authors Book Award – ACABA | National Director, CLC Kenya.



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