If you are you in need of a writing mentor to support your writing, then a writing mentorship class is for you. Whether you’re a beginner looking for answers to basic questions or a frequently-published writer with years of experience, every writer will benefit from having a mentor. When you join the class, it’s self-paced and you have access for two years.

Your self-pace determines the Cohort you graduate in. It’s important for you to set a clear timeline on when you wish to finish your writing so you can move to the publishing phase. Share this timeline with the CLC Kenya mentors so that they can hold you accountable and help you meet your target completion date.

To complete the manuscript and graduate to the publishing phase, you will need to complete

(i) The Beginner Class (at the end of which you will have the first draft), and,

(ii) The Advanced Class (at the end of which you will have a refined final manuscript).


How long does the course take?

The two courses can be completed in 13 weeks if you are fully committed to the process, assignments, and the actual writing of your book. You can also choose a 6-months timeline, a 1-year timeline, a 1.5-years timeline, and a 2-years maximum timeline. The choice is in your hands, well, head!

The teen’s writing classes take one year to finish.

Let’s get to the writing!

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