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Our mandate is to honour God by making Christian literature & resources available & accessible to help people come to faith and maturity in our Lord Jesus Christ.

Publishing & POD Ministry

Publish & Launch Your Book With Us

Experience a great team to help you prepare your book for publishing in a successful and professional way. You can start from writing class, or publishing and we will walk with you all the way to printing, launching, marketing and distribution of your book.  We focus on your book so you can focus on your vocation...


In traditional publishing, the publisher bears the costs, such as editing, marketing, and paying advances, and the author receives royalties from the success his/her book achieves.

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The self-publishing landscape has changed considerably in the past two decades with new technologies such as the internet, print-on-demand and accessible markets. Increasingly there are numerous alternatives to traditional publishing, and self-publishing is becoming the first choice for writers.

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Print-on-Demand enables a single copy of a book to be printed! All that is required is a digital copy of the book.

What are the advantages of Print on Demand for a local author?

  1. Low capital investment in printing quality books
  2. Quick production time
  3. Competitive pricing
  4. Ability to print as many (or few) copies as you need
  5. Re-print as and when required
  6. Warehousing cost savings

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Writing your book is a critical step towards getting published. A simple book that you actually get to write is better than an awesome one that you dream of writing and is still in your head. This is why we are here today, now! To make sure that the book makes it out of your head into your word processor.
In this process, you should expect to get an accountability mentor towards completing your book. 

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Literature Missions Ministry

Partner With us to Spread God's Word in Africa

CLC Kenya achieves its mandate by (i) partnering with International Ministries with content relevant for the African community, (ii) partnering with local churches and ministries to spread the Word of God through channels relevant for the specific organization, and (iii) partnering with African Christian Authors to avail their content to the readers for impact. Join us today...


We have distributed thousands of Bibles and Books in the larger Eastern Africa region. We ensure you or your recipient receive the right books at the right time hussle free to you no matter where you order from. Reach Africa through CLC Kenya.

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Authors Collaboration (& ACABA)

We come together as Christian authors and contribute our expertise for the benefit of a shared objective to reach more readers.

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Book Programs & Courses

One of the most successful ways to ensure that your readers are impacted by the content of your book is through book programs. Engage CLC Kenya to organize with and for you short conferences, long series trainings, or online delivery courses to reach your target readers and ensure their lives are forever changed.


Pastors & Community Outreaches

We empower pastors and church leaders to be able to effectively lead formal church leadership and impact their communities through book programs and outreaches.

These programs and outreaches seek to reconcile back to God and strengthen married couples, parents, and the youths through organized conferences and summits.

Media Outreach Ministry

Packaging general communication, information, and entertainment to influence and shape our communities for God. 

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FAQs !

Have A Question? Talk to Jackline Ingasian - Programs Coordinator at programs@cblafrica.com

The inaugural gala in 2021 had 74 submissions from Kenya and Uganda. Second gala had 79 submissions from 6 countries in Africa. Third year program had 80 submissions from 13 countries in Africa. We are working for a wider reach in 2024 Award. 

Yes, to ensure maximum impact to African communities. 

Yes. By empowering Pastors and Church leaders, we impact the communities. 

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Our Missioners

Meet our Missioners Team

Here’s the amazing team of missioners, trainers and volunteers who keep our programs going! 

Gary Chamberlin

International Director-CLC International & Head of Global Publishing

Liz Patten

Regional Director-CLC Africa 

Petra Nemasky

Print-On-Demand In-Charge-CLC Kenya 

Muthoni Omukhango

National Director-CLC Kenya and Convener-ACABA

Patrick Omukhango

R&D and Media Director-CLC Kenya & ACABA

Jackline Ingasian

Programs Coordinator – CLC Kenya and Secretary – ACABA

Helen Matarimo

Administrative Assistant – CLC Kenya & ACABA

Abiah McKenna

Media Assistant – CLC Kenya & ACABA

Lee Mwandiki

Social Media Officer-CLC Kenya & ACABA

Joan Njoki

Managing Editor & PR – CLC Kenya & ACABA

Meet our Part-Time Volunteers Team

We are because of the dedicated expertise from men and women passionate about impacting lives with Christian literature!