Our Publishing Ministries

CLC Kenya aims at increasing access to books that impact communities. We do this through traditional publishing, facilitation of self-publishing, print-on-demand and writing classes.

We believe that books give our communities access to the world’s best wisdom, and stretch our minds past any conceivable horizon. They are the ultimate form of self-education and the ultimate tool for personal empowerment.

If you want more out of life, somewhere there is a book on a shelf or computer that will be your friend and guide.

If you’re an author, you should write with might, and birth a book that will light the way for others. If you are a reader, keep flexing the muscles of your mind!

Karibu to CLC Kenya Publishing

Traditional Publishing

In traditional publishing, the publisher bears the costs, such as editing, marketing, and paying advances so that the author can receive royalties from the success of his/her book achieves.




The self-publishing landscape has changed considerably in the past two decades with new technologies such as the Internet, and the $1 billion markets continuing to change at a rapid pace. Increasingly there are numerous alternatives to traditional publishing, and self-publishing is becoming the first choice for writers.


Print-on-Demand enables a single copy of a book to be printed!  Large commercial digital printers are very expensive but now technology has developed to the point that small scale equipment is available.

CLC Kenya has a Print-on-Demand facility which enables us to respond quickly to local demands. This has made it possible for Kenyan authors to have their books published and printed in a way that would have been unthinkable previously.

All that is required is a digital copy of the book and our Print-on-Demand department can produce the book for you.

Writing Classes

Writing your book is a critical step towards getting published, which is the best way to share an idea or story that matters to you, while at the same time impacting the life of someone else. A simple book that you actually get to write is better than an awesome one that you dream of writing and is still in your head. Most people have a dream of writing a book but never realize it. This is why we are here today, now! To make sure that the book makes it out of your head into your word processor. 
In this process, you should expect to get an accountability mentor towards completing your book. 

What Others Are Saying

About Their Book Projects With Us

Thank you CLC Kenya. I am happy with the final product.

Monica NyamburaBook: Chronicles of Life & Love

It’s been a blessing to work with the team at CLC Kenya… You are professional, you take your work seriously and I love the final product. The editors did an awesome job!

Julius MwebiaBook: Conceive Achieve

To the team at CLC Kenya… thank you for breathing life into this book… I pray we shall have many more opportunities to change the world as we bring more books to life.

Washington BlessingBooks: It’s About Time & More Than A Tithe

What Others Are Saying

The Annual Report

We have appreciated the additional capability which the POD facilities have provided, in that we are now able to have discipleship courses printed in Kenya rather than the UK. This has meant that the provision of these resources is available whether we are in Kenya or not, and a greater amount can now be produced than we could ever physically carry to cover expanding requirements. As there is currently a growth taking place amongst the churches we work with, we are able to respond more promptly to their resources needs because of POD - as the growth continues we fully expect this requirement for printing to increase with additional language translations being incorporated. We are aware of more new resources being written, and if suitable, these will be added to our existing list of resources.

Brian & Sheila Keel, LDPMinisters, LDP, UK

Goodwill Rights Management Corp ministry is to inspire and elevate the lives of Christians the world over by increasing the distribution of theologically sound and relevant Christian literature. We team up with a number of quality and reputable publishers and no relationship is as vital and strategic as CLC Kenya, which has proven to be a visionary and effective organization as well as reliable partners. We initiated our relationship in 2018, were able to pivot quickly and deliver an urgent order for African Christian University in Kampala in 2019, on behalf of one of our key clients Summer Institute of Linguistics while expanding our messaging through channels available through CLC Kenya. Based on our multi-layered partnership with CLC Kenya, we believe we can achieve numerous goals and further our Kingdom mission in 2020 and beyond with the help of the leadership of Patrick and Mercy Omukhango and their colleagues in Nairobi.

Carl DobrowolskiGood Will Rights Management Corp