About Us

CLC is an International Mission Organization. Its origins date back to the establishment of a Christian bookshop in Colchester England in 1941 by a couple, Ken & Bessie Adams. To date it has its International headquarters in England with presence in over 44 countries globally.

Impacting lives with Christian literature

Ken and Bessie Adams with their young family as they founded the ministry in 1941.
The first CLC bookshop in Colchester, England in 1941

Our mission statement of purpose is,“to honour God by making Christian literature & resources available & accessible to all nations, to help people come to faith and maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ.”

The vision continues in Kenya...

CLC Kenya achieves its mandate by
(i) Partnering with international Ministries with content relevant for the African community
(ii) Partnering with local Churches, ministries, publishers and authors bodies to spread the Word of God through literature channels relevant to the specific organisations
(iii) Partnering with African Christian Authors to curate & avail their content to the readers for Kingdom impact.


1.Publishing & POD Ministry: Publish & Launch Your Book With Us

a. Traditional Publishing
b. Self-Publishing
c. Print-On-Demand
d. Writing Classes

2.Literature & Missions Ministry: Partner With us to Spread God’s Word in Africa

a. Bookshops & ecommerce
b. Authors Collaboration (club)
c. ACABA Award Program
d. Book Programs & Courses
e. Pastors & Community Outreaches
f. Kids & Teens Programs

3.Media Outreach Ministry: Partner With us to Reach this Generation Where it is

a. Authors Support
b. Book Formats (Podcasts, Blogs, Audio Books, eBooks, Book Programs etc.)
c. Authors Media Ministry

To have FELLOWSHIP between members and others of the family of faith which we achieve through ACCOUNTABILITY of our activities, accept responsibility for them and disclose the results in a transparent manner.

To have a personal walk of HOLINESS with God and a desire to be holy before God. We achieve this through TRANSPARENCY by having clear policies and leadership practices that honour God and give a powerful Christian testimony of holiness and trust to our communities and other CLC workers.

To have a willingness to SACRIFICE all for our Savior and Lord to a point where we go outside our comfort zones. We achieve this through INNOVATION where we adopt new technologies, training, practices and strategies to provide for the needs of those we serve.

To live a life of FAITH and trust in the living God. We achieve this by pursuing SUSTAINABILITY in financial status that allows us to do ministry in an effective way while investing in future leadership to ensure our ministry and vision will continue with passion.

Our Missioners

Meet our Missioners Team

Here’s the amazing team of missioners, trainers and volunteers who keep our programs going! 

Gary Chamberlin

International Director-CLC International & Head of Global Publishing

Liz Patten

Regional Director-CLC Africa 

Muthoni Omukhango

National Director-CLC Kenya and Convener-ACABA

Patrick Omukhango

R&D and Media Director-CLC Kenya & ACABA

Jackline Ingasian

Programs Coordinator – CLC Kenya and Secretary – ACABA

Abiah McKenna

Media Assistant – CLC Kenya & ACABA

Lee Mwandiki

Social Media Officer-CLC Kenya & ACABA

Michael Kishoyian

Partnerships Administrator & PR – CLC Kenya & ACABA

Karen Sila

Administrative Assistant – CLC Kenya Kids & Teens

Meet our Part-Time Volunteers Team

We are because of the dedicated expertise from men and women passionate about impacting lives with Christian literature!