CLC is an International Mission Organization. Its origins date back to the establishment of a Christian bookshop in Colchester England in 1941. To date it has its International headquarters in England.

Our mission statement of purpose is,
“to make Christian literature available to all nations, so that people may come to faith and maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ.”


CLC Kenya

CLC Kenya, started in 2007 achieves its mandate through partnerships with international ministries with content relevant for the East Africa community and Africa at large. It also partners with the local churches and ministries to be able to spread the Word of God through channels relevant to the specific organizations.

To have FELLOWSHIP between members and others of the family of faith which we achieve through ACCOUNTABILITY of our activities, accept responsibility for them and disclose the results in a transparent manner.

To have a personal walk of HOLINESS with God and a desire to be holy before God. We achieve this through TRANSPARENCY by having clear policies and leadership practices that honour God and give a powerful Christian testimony of holiness and trust to our communities and other CLC workers.

To have a willingness to SACRIFICE all for our Savior and Lord to a point where we go outside our comfort zones. We achieve this through INNOVATION where we adopt new technologies, training, practices and strategies to provide for the needs of those we serve.

To live a life of FAITH and trust in the living God. We achieve this by pursuing SUSTAINABILITY in financial status that allows us to do ministry in an effective way while investing in future leadership to ensure our ministry and vision will continue with passion.


Our Ministry Services

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Family Reading Picnic

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We have distributed hundred thousands of Bibles and Books in the larger Eastern Africa region. We ensure you or your recipient receive the right books at the right time hussle free to you no matter where you order from. Reach Africa through CLC Kenya.

One of the most successful ways to ensure that your readers are impacted by the content of your book is through book programs. Engage CLC Kenya to organize with and for you short conferences, long series trainings, or online delivery courses to reach your target readers and ensure their lives are forever changed.

This is a 1-year school holidays training program for teenage Authors (Fiction and Non-Fiction), Poets, Illustrators and Graphic Designers.

CLC Kenya Authors Collaboration and iGen Kids Program are celebrating children as authors and artists by giving them a voice through publishing – because all children have a story to share. We are in partnership with like-minded organizations to offer a platform to share diverse stories widely through an artist-led publishing process.

Why a family-reading picnic? Reading with and aloud to children stimulates their imagination and expands their understanding of the world.

The fun day will include:
1. Reading picnic for families
2. Books-centered games
3. Colouring and painting games
4. Storytelling centered on books and reading culture
5. Fun and games for the whole family
6. Book launches for iGen 2019 Teens
7. Registrations for iGen Teen Authors & Artists 2020 class.
8. Graduation of Writers
9. Display & sale of great reads from Kenya

This event will help highlight the importance of recognizing the power of books and the positive impact our country will continue to have by being a reading nation. What a better strategy than to start from the family set up, where life is first nurtured for the first 20+ years of a human being.

In traditional publishing, the publisher bears the costs, such as editing, marketing, and paying advances, and the author receives royalties from the success his/her book achieves.

The self-publishing landscape has changed considerably in the past two decades with new technologies such as the Internet, and the $1 billion market continues to change at a rapid pace. Increasingly there are numerous alternatives to traditional publishing, and self-publishing is becoming the first choice for writers.

Print-on-Demand enables a single copy of a book to be printed!  Large commercial digital printers are very expensive but now technology has developed to the point that small scale equipment is available.

CLC Kenya has a Print-on-Demand facility which enables us to respond quickly to local demands. This has made it possible for Kenyan authors to have their books published and printed in a way that would have been unthinkable previously.

All that is required is a digital copy of the book and our Print-on-Demand department can produce the book for you.

What are the advantages of Print on Demand for a local author?

  1. Low capital investment in printing quality books
  2. Quick production time
  3. Competitive pricing
  4. Ability to print as many (or few) copies as you need
  5. Re-print as and when required
  6. Warehousing cost savings
Writing your book is a critical step towards getting published. Writing is the best way to share an idea or story that matters to you, while at the same time impacting the life of someone else. A simple book that you actually get to write is better than an awesome one that you dream of writing and is still in your head. Most people have a dream of writing a book but never realize it. This is why we are here today, now! To make sure that the book makes it out of your head into your word processor. 
In this process, you should expect to get an accountability mentor towards completing your book. As much as no one likes criticism, if you’re aiming at being an outstanding writer and eventually a bestseller, positive criticism is an absolute necessity.

We empower pastors and church leaders to be able to effectively lead formal church leadership through three responsibilities and opportunities.

  1. First, ordained leaders have the responsibility of “keeping the purity of the faith.” The Apostle Paul wrote to Titus that the leaders must teach what is in accord with sound doctrine. Failure to exercise that responsibility creates what the late Martin-Lloyd Jones calls “a church that ceases to make a difference.” Knowing and contending for the faith is a prime responsibility of church leadership, especially the eldership (see the book of Jude). If this is not done, the church not only flounders in its mission, but the people are not properly discipled and the foundations are shaky. That is why one requirement for church officers is that they be sound in the faith.
  2. A second responsibility and privilege focuses on shepherding God’s flock. In 1 Peter 5 elders are referred to as shepherds. “Shepherd the flock of God that is among you, exercising oversight, not under compulsion, but willingly as God would have you“(1 Pet. 5:2, ESV). Shepherding requires personal contact. Leaders are to know the people, pray with and for them, and visit in their homes, primarily to inquire into their spiritual growth, needs, and development.
  3. A third responsibility and privilege of the leadership is to oversee the planning process. In the same passage, 1 Peter 5, elders are instructed to have “oversight” of the flock. Oversight requires many things, such as leading the flock in the right direction, seeing that the people are trained and equipped for service, and following the right shepherd.

We recognize the need for more market place ministers in the workplace. We seek to empower such individuals to integrate their faith and work through evangelism and ethics. Paul said we are living epistles – there are a number of people around the world who still have not received a credible presentation of the good news. These people are in the market place and there will never be enough money or personnel to send out “full-time ministers” to carry out this mission.

Many places in the world are only open to people with specialized education and skills.Professional clergy are often refused visas for engaging in “religious” activity. These same countries, however, may gladly welcome doctors, teachers, dentists, oil drillers, agricultural specialists and accountants to add value to their society.

You don’t have to be a seminary or Bible College graduate or a full-time “minister” to expand the Kingdom. You, like Paul, can be a marketplace professional–using your specialized skills to open closed doors to the gospel message. More than ever we need people like you to help reach the billions who have yet to see and hear the good news (

We come together as authors and contribute our expertise for the benefit of a shared objective to reach more readers.

We seek to reconcile back to God and strengthen married couples, parents, and the youths through organized conferences and summits in partnerships with like-minded organizations.

We have passionately served...

200+ authors from 7 countries, empowered several churches with book resources for their congregants and facilitated 10+ International Ministries from USA, UK and other parts of the world to reach East Africa communities.
We are glad to serve you!

Meet Our Team

James Munyao
James Munyao
Head of Printing
Muthoni Mercy
Muthoni Mercy
National Director
Patrick Omukhango
Patrick Omukhango
R&D Director
Paul Macharia
Paul Macharia
Head of Publishing & Programs