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CLC Kenya’s Authors Collaboration is a community of like-minded, independent authors. Authors get to enjoy publishing support and training from CLC Kenya and its partners; mutual support from fellow authors; as well as shared advice, links, and contacts aimed at producing excellent content towards impacting more readers in Africa and beyond.

At CLC Kenya, we aim at giving great reads from Kenya, exposure to other markets in Africa, USA, UK and other parts of the world.

Join the Authors Collaboration by submitting your book to African Christian Authors Book Award (ACABA). 

Submit Your Book for Award Program ACABA

A program that recognizes, celebrates and promotes quality in Christian authorship in Africa

Inaugural African Christian Authors Book Award (November 2021)

Recognizing, Celebrating and Promoting quality in Christian authorship in Africa. 

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Foreign Rights for Kenyan Authors via USA (June 2020)

Call, Text or WhatsApp Jackline Ingasian on +254 707 463007 for more information. 

Foreign rights are the right to publish a book in its original language in countries different from those in which the book was originally published, while Translation rights are the right to publish a book in languages other than the original language.

At CLC Kenya, we aim at increasing access to books for our communities by connecting readers to great content. 

CLC Kenya Authors Training & Networking - Breakfast (March 2020)

CLC Kenya was honoured to host authors for an informal breakfast.

Networking helps authors develop and improve their authorship, stay on top of the latest trends in the book industry, keep a pulse on book-market, meet fellow authors, prospective partners and clients, and gain access to the necessary resources that foster their book development.

James Karundu Go For It, Stepping Stones for Top Achievers, Seize the Moment. Rev Humphrey Kang Rebranding to Win. Washington Blessing It’s About Time and More Than a Tithe. Gitonga Mutani If I Had a Son. Dale Mutta Face the Fear and The Village Boy who Dared. Margaret Gitahi How to Relate to God as a Father. Kabuya Muito The Leader Load. Alexandar Muchagia. Nicholas E. Odhiambo Nyamolo Racing Towards the Finish. Vincent Ogutu Life’s Like That, Sacked so What? Escape, Who are the Top Billionaires in Africa. Joyce Maina. Rev James Odinga Pathway to Glory. Julius Mwebia Conceive Achieve. Sylvia Omondi The Fathers of Faith. Jennifer Favor Parenting Teenagers and Young Adults. Adnah McKenna Conceive Achieve for Teens. CLC Team – Patrick Omukhango Kingdom Resources. Muthoni Omukhango Too Busy to be Effective and Back on My Feet. Jacob Simba. Paul Macharia. James Munyao Seeking God’s Heart.

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Online Authors Training (WhatsApp Group)

Call, Text or WhatsApp Jackline Ingasian on +254 707 463007 for more information. 

Nairobi International Book Fair (September 2019)

22nd Book Fair – Marketing Strategies for Self-Published Authors. A lot of networking opportunities going on here. We are meeting new authors, fellow publishers and book sellers and amazing readers (some in potential form).

How to be a Successful Self-Published Author in Kenya Today:

In Henry Ford’s words – “one of the greatest discoveries a man makes, one of his great surprises, is to find he can do what he was afraid he couldn’t do.”

Topics Covered:

  • Demystifying self-publishing processes.
  • Overview of book-selling from a veteran book marketer’s point of view with a decade (plus) experience.
  • Overview of the ebooks platforms and how an author can maximize that space.
  • How can an author sell more on eCommerce platforms like
  • Meet our authors and interact with their books and book programs and learn how their journey has been.
CLC Kenya Authors Training & Networking - Self Publishing (April 2019)

Digital technology is majorly responsible for the way readers habits have evolved. Not only has it altered how people obtain information, but it has also reshaped how they comprehend communication.

CLC Kenya Authors Training & Networking - Self Publishing (February 2019)

The success of today’s author depends on good content, a well-produced book and direct link to marketing.

CLC Kenya Authors Collaboration Launch (September 2018)

CLC Kenya Authors Club is a community of like minded, independent authors where authors get to enjoy mutual support, share advice, links, and contacts aimed at reaching more readers.

We are privileged to convene a group of authors and offer a platform to network, fellowship, and encourage one another.

Our synergies have been a blessing to one another as we seek to become a force to reckon within the book industry. It is encouraging to know that there are good reads from Kenya, for Kenya and beyond. That we can competitively offer relevant content to shape our generation and many others to come.

Hongera to our Kenyan authors!


In Charles Darwin’s words, “It is the long history of humankind (and animal kind, too) that those who learned to collaborate and improvise most effectively have prevailed.”

Nairobi International Book Fair (September 2018)

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Nairobi International Book Fair (September 2010)

CLC Kenya Bookshops.

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