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We have distributed hundred thousands of Bibles and Books in Africa since 2007. We ensure you or your recipient receive the right Bibles & books at the right time hassle-free to you no matter where you order from.

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Join Authors Network

Authors Collaboration & ACABA Award Program

We come together as Christian authors and contribute our expertise for the benefit of a shared objective to reach more readers.


Measurable Readers' Impact

Book Programs

One of the most successful ways to ensure that your readers are impacted by the content of your book is through book programs.


Engage CLC Kenya to organise with and for you short conferences, long series trainings, or online delivery courses to reach your target readers and ensure their lives are forever changed.
We empower pastors and church leaders to be able to effectively lead formal church leadership and impact their communities through book programs and outreaches.

Empower the Shepherd, Empower the Sheep

Pastors & Community Outreaches

These programs and outreaches seek to empower the Pastors then reconcile back to God and strengthen married couples, parents, and the youths through organised conferences and summits.

POD Benefits for Overseas Publishers & Ministries

Reach Africa Through CLC Kenya

Print-on-Demand has revolutionised the availability of overseas books in Africa. Normally, material imported from America, Europe, Asia and other continents can take weeks or months to arrive in Kenya and Africa. POD technology makes those same books available in a matter of hours and has been beneficial to publishers, missionaies and ministries abroad to reach the African market.

Publishing and printing are developing rapidly. Do you want to be part of this change?

Do you have books or materials you need used in Africa for your conference or seminar? We can print these for you from Kenya. We print Christian books, ministry reports, training manuals, notebooks, journals, events programs and all other materials that are not in conflict with the Christian faith.Benefits of POD in Kenya versus Shipping: No shipping costs No hustle of custom taxes and clearing costs No delays – you get your books in Africa* at the location of your preference No need for storage / warehousing – we print what you need when you need it.

Children are a Heritage from God

CLC Kids & Teens

May the Lord say the same of us, as He said of Abraham. That we shall guide our children and their children up to thousands of generations…

iGen Teens
iGen Teens
Engage CLC Kenya to walk with you and your child in any age category - The Heritage Kids (2-12 Years) and iGen Teen Artists Program (13-19 Years), The Purpose-full Teenager (for Girls Only) 13-19 Years and Mama Africa Book Box (2-12 years).