Training by: Dr. Muthoni Mercy Omukhango

Publisher in Africa | National Director @CLC Kenya |Authors’ Manager @African Christian Authors Book Award-ACABA | Marketplace Minister | Patron at CLC Kids and Teens | Advancing God’s Kingdom through literature. 

Trainer's Bio: As the National Director of CLC Kenya, my role encompasses the strategic distribution of Christian literature and fostering a robust reading culture across Africa. With a focus on digital publishing and advocacy for African content, my leadership has been instrumental in empowering communities through knowledge and faith (

The founding of the African Christian Authors Book Award, under my guidance, has become a cornerstone for recognizing and celebrating the excellence of Christian authors within the continent. This initiative not only showcases my commitment to elevating African narratives but also reflects my dedication to advancing God's Kingdom through the written word (

Our recent initiative, Mama Africa Book Box, a reading club for kids and teens, is seeking to empower children with African content while exposing them to international books (

Step1: Prepare Yourself to Get Published…

Step2: Let’s Talk About Publishing

Step3: Factors to Consider Before Self Publishing

Step4: Requirements for Self Publishing

Step5: Publishing Steps – Review

Step5a: How to Write a Book Dedication

Step5b: How to Write a Book’s Foreword

Step5c: How to Write a Book Introduction

Step5d: How to Write a Book’s Conclusion

Step5e: How to Write an Author’s Bio

Step5f: How to Write a Book’s Blurb

Step5g: What to Include in the Copyright Page and Complete the Copyrighting Process

Step5h: How to Write an Acknowledgment

Step5i: How to Write a Table of Contents

Step6a: How to Write a Devotional

Step6b: How to Write a Captivating Novel

Step6c: How to Use Dialogue in Story Writing

Step6d: How to Use ‘Show Don’t Tell’ in Story Writing

Step6e: How to Elevate a Flat Non-fiction Christian Book to Make it Personal and Engaging

Step6f: Ethical ways to use other people’s public stories in a non-fiction Christian book

Step6g: How to overcome the challenge of mixed languages in writing a manuscript

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