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The Mysterious Mashimbo Hills by Victor Karol Maingi


A sequel to the Ghastly Makungu Forest, the adventure of the four boys continues. The book is packed with empowering tips for teenagers to live a life of courage and adventure.

This is book #2 in the Adventure Series by Victor Karol Maingi.

Victor Karol Maingi is a 16-year-old form two student in Nairobi, Kenya. He enjoys reading books, playing piano, chess, basketball, football, & touch rugby and is a member of the school chapel choir. Reading books inspired him to write, starting with compositions at school, then developed into writing of books – including three incomplete manuscripts. He also has a collection of his best reads towards building a library and is a volunteer with African Kids Book Club. He is the author of The Ghastly Makungu Forest and The Mysterious Mashimbo Hills. Victor lives in Nairobi with his parents, and his siblings; two brothers and a sister.


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