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Charity Drives

Our 2024 Charity is Chariots for Hope We are blessed to bless others… Learn More About Chariots for Hope Chat Us to Donate today for July 2024 Home Visit Express Donate Monetary (Visa or Mpesa) Charity Drives: Every year we run several charity drives – food, clothing, household and more importantly, books drive to empower […]


Registration Support: +254707463007 Register Now Thistle of the Nile : An Illustrative Anthology of Poems by Richard Mwebesa Rated 0 out of 5Out of stockKSh1,090 View More Beauty Under The Sky and Other Poems by Jane Wangeci Rated 0 out of 5KSh590 Add to cart Petals of Emotions by Haggai Imbiaka Rated 0 out of […]

Young Adults

Meet ACABA Young Adults Books Authors Impacting lives with Christian literature Believe In Your Dream by Henry Muguluma Rated 0 out of 5KSh1,090 Add to cart My Strong Tower; The Genesis by Aba Yankah Geker Rated 0 out of 5KSh1,090 Add to cart We Don’t Teach That At The University BY: DR. DANIEL R. RUHWEZA […]

Men and Women

Christian books for men and women are important because they provide valuable guidance and inspiration tailored specifically to their unique needs and experiences. These books offer practical advice on various aspects of life, such as relationships, faith, and personal growth, helping individuals navigate challenges and deepen their spiritual journey. Moreover, they promote a sense of […]

Why gender-specific books for men and women are important by Pamela Babirukamu, UG, ACABA 2022 Awardee

They say, “Men prefer working with things and women prefer working with people.” A male’s orientation toward life tends to be outward while a woman’s perspective tends to be more inwardly directed. It’s no doubt that the gender differences result in the difference in interests and preferences, therefore, qualifying the need to write targeted books […]


The Favoured Woman – devotional + mug Rated 0 out of 5KSh1,490 Add to cart Join our weekly podcast show at Mama Africa Book Box WhatsApp Channel …because you are a favoured woman Join Now! Books for Women Buy Now!  Books for Women Musings on the Journey to Motherhood by Jo Lance KSh1,490 Add to […]


Musings on the Journey to Motherhood by Jo Lance Rated 0 out of 5KSh1,490 Add to cart MADE OF STEEL BY ESTHER KANYI MURIITHI Rated 0 out of 5KSh1,090 Add to cart Effective Parenting by Catherine Gachutha Rated 0 out of 5KSh990 Add to cart A Legacy of Prayer by Catherine Maina Rated 0 out […]

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Perhaps a bit more information about our programs can help you make the decision to support our initiative? Certainly, we appreciate your interest in our initiative and your consideration of supporting our cause. Allow us to provide further insight into our programs, which we believe will assist you in making an informed decision regarding your […]