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Crossroads is a gift to all of us who need to know that God is good, and that His mercy is more than enough to cover all our sins.”- LIZ CURTIS HIGGS, best-selling author of Bad Girls of the Bible“Cheryl Goss’s Crossroads is truly an example of strength be¬ing displayed through weakness. Cheryl’s writing is rich with truth as well as relatable. She takes the gospel as truth while also making the reader feel as if they are a new friend. You will laugh, you might cry, but you will certainly be encouraged.”- MORGAN CHEEK, author of On Milk and Honey“If you’ve ever felt like you have fallen too far for God to love you, Crossroads is for you. Cheryl courageously shares her story of addiction, abuse, and setbacks to demonstrate the awesome power of God’s saving grace. In her testimony, she openly confesses her past failures and illustrates that obedience can bring blessing, and admitting weakness is strength. She challenges the reader to stop living in fear of their own ‘thorns’ and to instead ask God to use them to further His kingdom. Cheryl’s journey proves that no one is too far gone to be reached by the saving power of Jesus. Her words offer grace and encouragement to anyone who has ever doubted their worth.”- STARLA CANNING, Connecting Ministries Devotional Team Leader“Cheryl has made herself vulnerable by sharing her story in this book. She has shown incredible strength by doing so. She has also demonstrated her strong faith in our gracious, merciful God, and has revealed how He has used her thorns for His glory.”- JEAN BYRD, mentor and sister in Christ“Cheryl Goss has been a friend to me for over ten years. During this time, I have seen her grow in her faith and her calling to use her story to help others. She has been an inspiration to me and so many others. In telling her story, she is unashamedly giving God all the glory in hopes that it will help others. Reading this book encouraged me, made me cry, and I learned more about God’s grace, mercy, and forgiveness. She writes from her heart, and I am proud to call her friend.”- MARY MARTHA REYNOLDS, mentor and sister in Christ

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Are you allowing the enemy to use your trials or Christ? Crossroads enables readers to see their trials in a new way and empowers them to share and claim their stories for God’s glory. Cheryl’s memoir, along with scripture, will encourage you to find your voice and share how God is good, even through life’s trials. After experiencing abuse, addictions, and depression, Cheryl came to know Jesus and felt restored. Her perspective, coupled with biblical insight, will help you: Make peace with your past. View trials in a positive light. Find your purpose. Impact others. Cheryl accepted Christ as a young adult after walking through years of darkness and difficulties. Once she felt His love, Cheryl developed a passion for sharing the Word of God with others. She is happily married to Ryan, the man who led her to Christ. As a mom of four and the founder of Connecting Ministries, Cheryl leads a busy and sometimes chaotic life, but her calling is crystal clear—to see lives changed through the Lord’s love!PRAISE FOR CROSSROADS“Cheryl Goss empowers all of us standing at life’s crossroads to know we’re not alone. She shares her story with vulnerability and hard-won wisdom, inviting us to blossom in our own hard stories, not just in spite of our great struggles but because of them.”- KATHERINE WOLF, author of Suffer Strong and Hope Heals“Cheryl Goss writes from the heart, from the Word, and from the many times she faced a crossroad in her life. Her journey has been difficult, and yet what she learned along those rocky roads paved the way for her vital ministry to women. Cheryl’s message of grace is clear, and her encouragement to share our own stories is empowering.


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