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Susan candidly shares with us her personal experiences with depression, the highs and lows of her struggles and how, by God’s grace and with the support of her family especially, she’s been able to pull through.

Hers is not a theoretical approach borrowed from philosophical knowhow, rather, a humble submission of realities faced, some of which are too harsh to bear, yet she’s courageous and vulnerable enough to share them with us. Her desire, as spelt through this write-up, is to sensitize the masses on depression and other mental illnesses, in the hope that the affected can find help before it is too late, and that through understanding, society can offer a strong support system to people battling depression and other mental illnesses and help them come to a place of rest.

Ultimately, the author is keen to point us to God, without whom we may never get to a state of complete rest and perfect peace. Enjoy the learning as you read this wonderful book.


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