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I Want to Be an Airline Pilot by Mary Weeks Millard


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Shema, an eight-year-old Rwandan goatherd from a child-led family, has many adventures, including a goat eating his only T-shirt, a frightening visit to a medicine man and a dangerously close brush with a spitting black cobra! Though them all, little by little Shema learns about “Mister God” and discovers that although he is in an orphan, he has a Father in heaven who cares for him.

A victorious, heart-warming story for 8-11s, with lovely background to life in rural Rwanda.

“I think this book is very good, it made me feel happy, sad and really excited; I think the most interesting part is when Shema faced the black cobra. It was also very moving when in the book Ishimwe starts to cry because her parents died. I really enjoyed this book. It is one of my favourites.” – Kemi

“A thrilling adventure story about three orphans’ dreams coming true when their prayers were answered.” – Jonathan


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