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Kids Vlogging (up to 4 vlogs per month)


Vlog is a combination of the words video and blog – when   someone who loves making videos documents their life, passions and hobbies. There are different types of vlogs – from challenges to a hobby’s tips, unboxing videos, recipes etc.

CLC Kenya Platform Advantages:

  1. You don’t have to let your kids loose on the internet with little supervision – they vlog offline and CLC Kenya manages the online uploading of video and blog, proofreading of the blog and setup.
  2. CLC Kenya manages and moderates comments and contacts to ensure your child is safe from cyber-bullying.
  3. Once your child sets the monthly goals, CLC Kenya will motivate and inspire them to meet the deadlines.
  4. Prizes and awards for consistency, dedication and hard work in November every year during the African Christian Authors Book Award by CLC Kenya.

Acceptable Categories:

  1. A child’s hobby in sciences, the arts, academic etc.


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