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Navigating the storm by Barnie and Grace Achoki


Barnie and Grace Achoki are Marriage & Relationship Coaches, who write and speak on matters relationship and marriage. They have a passion for preparing couples for marriage, nurturing strong and healthy relationships as well as healing and restoring relationships. They are the authors of Marriage, Thistle & Flowers

So often after the honeymoon is over, couples enter into the drama stage where they are faced with many conflicts as they adjust to each other. Failure to navigate conflict well leaves many couples hurt and greatly wounded. Those who survive do so carrying forward in their marriage, dysfunctional ways of dealing with conflict.
This book is designed to equip the reader with necessary tools and skills to help navigate conflict well. It is also recommended for equipping Mentor Couples and marital counsellors & coaches.
You will learn how to:
• Identify your fears and expectations
• Empathise with your spouse, and
• Resolve conflict in marriage.

The manual comes with a His & Hers journal.


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