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Transform Your Life

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Transform Your Life guides readers on a 90-day journey of transformation and spiritual growth, offering inspiration, wisdom and practical guidance on how to navigate life Successfully by:

1. Managing life’s challenges,

2. Finding purpose

3. Overcoming personal struggles

4. Learning about deception in our culture, among others

It is a MUST READ for teens and young adults seeking purpose, peace and a closer relationship with God. Also, a helpful resource for parents, uncles & aunties, teachers, lecturers, coaches, mentors and youth pastors.

With this uplifting devotional, Judy takes you on a journey to discover the power of daily reflection and renewal. She Meticulously weaves together a tapestry of insights based on the unchanging truth of God’s word. The devotion is designed to ignite your faith and transform your life from the inside out. Create the life you’ve always wanted!

3 reviews for Transform Your Life

  1. Rev. Dr. Wabuti Odanga Peter

    Finally we have a relevant resource to guide us through the year. Transform your Life, is a 90 day pilgrimage through a devotional that will ignite your Faith, Focus and give you Fulfillment in Life.
    Judy has taken time to research and organized her work well. It’s an easy read yet so practical and ends with a prayer guide for the day.
    This is a resource you want to put in a hand and anticipate spiritual depth in their lives.

    Rev. Dr. Wabuti Odanga Peter

  2. Christopher Ogutu

    Very well researched and well explained. Very informative for all ages. A good read for the entire family. Highlights the challenges, the solutions and a devotion to go with it.

  3. Awuor Wenwa

    A well-written and captivating book with valuable lessons for people of all ages. The personal questions/exercises after each section keeps one accountable. I am enjoying the 90-day journey and looking forward to the next book!

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