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Tresures in Sackcloth by Estar Ogonda McOyoo


This is a book of hope and encouragement beyond the grim news and photos that we see and hear in the media during times of crisis. It is true that conflicts aggravate population displacements, disrupt economic activity, food production and destroy many homes and public infrastructure. Widespread food insecurity and chronic malnutrition become the norm areas of insecurity, increasing the number of people living below the poverty line.

However, Treasures in Sackcloth is a story, analysis and interpretation of some crucial issues around humanitarianism from the view point of an African, Christian Aid worker’s perspective, who summarizes her experiences as being life changing, sometimes very challenging but a very enriching exposure; and one worthy of a lifetime.

In this book you will find the treasures that Estar has learnt from her experiences in life, mostly through service to the lowly people, dressed in physical and spiritual sack clothes.

Estar is a wife to Nehemiah Oyoo and mother of three children (Nanette, Elsa and Nathan). She has been privileged to live and work in several countries since 2001. These include Kenya, S. Sudan, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Somalia, Burundi, Democratic Republic of Congo, Afghanistan, Rwanda and Syria. She is a Public Health Nutrition Consultant who pursued her Master’s degree in International health from Queen Margaret University, Edinburgh. She is currently pursuing a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Organizational leadership from Pan African Christian University, Kenya.


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