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This edition of War on the Saints contains the full text, together with the original table diagrams which are important to understand the points Penn-Lewis makes later in the book. Controversial from the moment it was first published, this book has seen itself abridged by censorious publishers who wish to present a sanitized version of the original text.

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The book aims to prepare and assist Christians who are caught unguarded against the onslaught of evil and deception which has ensued for thousands of years. In so doing, the reader will – assuming they heed the advice upon these pages – be better equipped versus the various obstacles, trickery and evils that Satan and his ilk will hurl in the path of the righteous.

Penn-Lewis firmly believed that the devil was a master manipulator, with a keen knowledge of when and who to target in his schemes. Several of the chapters within this book detail the different techniques employed by Satan, and how to guard against them. Quotations of Scripture abound, boosting the author’s authority and lending much credence to her arguments.

Notably, War on the Saints was one of the first texts of modern Christianity to discuss in detail the process of spiritual warfare. Penn details the idea that Christians could equip their soul to defeat and extinguish evil in others by demonstrating the true virtues of Jesus Christ as the savior of man. Thus, the reader may consider this book something of a battle manual of the spirit.


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