How to Make Money From Your Calling

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Welcome to the Training and Empowerment Programme by CLC Kenya authors. We strengthen our communities through the use of Christian literature. Through our training and outreach initiatives conducted by Christian authors, we provide access to quality content and promote Christian values. We believe that by equipping people with knowledge and skills, we can impact lives for Jesus and improve the future of our communities. Today, we will guide you towards getting empowered to turn your passion into profit.

Whether you’re just starting out as a minister of the Word, an authorpreneur, entrepreneur, or have been in business, side hustle or ministry for years, this programme will help you discover how to turn your passion into profit.

  1. Authorpreneurship
  2. Personal Finance Self Awareness
  3. Effective Goal Setting, and
  4. Business Startup Blueprint

Are covered by three business coaches and two trainers. The three business coaches are experts in their fields and have assisted numerous individuals and organisations in achieving success. The two trainers offer advice for personal and professional growth based on their vast experience.

Their combined knowledge and experience offer a comprehensive strategy for achieving success in both personal and professional endeavours. You’ll learn practical tips and tricks for monetizing your skills and talents, as well as gain a deeper understanding of the financial principles that underpin successful businesses, ministries, and side hustles.

Are you ready to take your calling to profitability? Register now to increase your financial literacy and gain valuable insights and actionable strategies to achieve your financial growth objectives.

Follow these four easy steps to register and start your journey to making money from your calling. Review the four weekly training modules and dates on our website Explore all the anchor books by the training authors on our website. Fill out the form and select your book of choice. Make the payment for the registration fee and submit the form.


Training Anchor Books by African Christian Authors

Program Modules & Trainers

Ann Gitaari - Innovative Consultant/Sales and Marketing Trainer at Sinapis  Date:4th.July.2023 Time: 7:30pm

Elizabeth Waithaka - Personal Finance Literacy Trainer & Author

Date: 11th. July. 2023 Time: 7:30pm

Gladys Juma - Personal Finance Coach & Author  Date: 18th.July.2023 Time: 7:30pm

Vincent Ogutu - Business Coach & Author

Date: 25th.July.2023 Time: 7:30pm

You will have the opportunity to register for ongoing support and tools from the coaches and trainers following the training event so you can achieve your long-term financial success.

Here’s a bonus! You get a free book of your preference by one of the training authors. The books provide additional insights and tips on how to implement the strategies discussed during the training. They also serve as helpful reference that you can use to reinforce your learning and stay on track towards achieving your financial goals. You can also purchase all titles at a discounted price. We deliver to Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and to all other African countries at a subsidised fee.

Take action towards achieving your financial objectives with confidence and clarity.

Though the journey to financial liberation may not always be easy, with dedication and hard work, you can achieve your goals. Get guidance from financial coaches and trainers. Join Ann Gitaari, Innovative Consultant and Sales and Marketing Trainer at Sinapis as she tackles Authorpreneurship. Elizabeth Waithaka, Personal Finance Literacy Trainer & Author as she tackles Personal Finance Self Awareness. Gladys Juma, Personal Finance Coach & Author as she tackles Effective Goal Setting. And Vincent Ogutu, Business Coach & Author as he tackles Business Start Up Blueprint.

Hosted by Muthoni Omukhango, National Director at CLC Kenya and Convener of the African Christian Authors Book Award. And sponsored by Sinapis, CLC Kenya, Authors Collaboration, ACABA and Authors, Books & Coffee. Register to join today! Email us or WhatsApp us, or go to and get started. CLC Kenya, impacting lives with Christian literature!

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