iGen Teen Artists Program (13-19 Years)

This is a 1-year school holidays training program for teenage Authors (Fiction and Non-Fiction), Poets, Illustrators and Graphic Designers.

CLC Kenya Authors Collaboration and iGen Teens Program celebrate children as authors and artists by giving them a voice through publishing. This is because all children have a story to share. We partner with like-minded organizations to offer a platform to share diverse stories widely through an artist-led publishing process.

More than a teens publishing course...

Course Description

iGen Teen Artists Program (13-19 Years)

With this plan, your child has access to:

(1) Introduction to publishing

(2) Introduction to the beginner’s writing class (at the end of which, if both the child and the parent remain committed to the course, they will have the first draft of their manuscript)

(3) Children’s advanced writing class (at the end of which, if both the child and the parent remain committed to the course, they will have the final refined manuscript that can be published)

(4) By the end of the class, in 12 – 24 months, your child will be taught critical soft skills including, and not limited to, Time Management, Leadership, Marketing, and Public Speaking. These skills have been carefully selected and are intentionally taught.

(5) You have another benefit to grab, the pre-publishing class on the same plan. Your child’s mentor will continue to walk with them towards finishing their writing project.

(6) 10% Discount on the publishing cost if your child publishes through CLC Kenya.

Statement of Faith

The Purpose-full Teenager Program is under CLC Kenya, a Christian Missions Organization using literature to bring people to faith and maturity in our Lord Jesus Christ since 1941. The program is anchored on and references Scriptures in the Bible.

Books & Magazines Launched & Illustrated by iGen Teens

Publishing Now...

Teen Authors & Artists Social Media/Websites Managed by CLC Kenya

Illustrator - Javier

2 Books Authors, Teen Mentor & Animator - Abiah

2 Books Author - Victor

3 Books Illustrator & 3 Magazines Illustrator - Emi

Additional Exposure

Josiah Kids Nominations - USA

Upon successful development of your child's purpose, talents and giftings, they will be nominated to Josiah Kids for further exposure and global recognition.

T&C: Josiah Kids USA chooses the finalists and honorees at their discretion. 

Global Exposure

Who is Josiah Kids: The School of Young Leaders

This is a school of young leaders based in the metro-Atlanta area, for boys and girls ages 7-18. 

They are committed to raising the next generation of service-minded leaders. 

They focus in: Bible. Leadership. Business. Fitness. Public Speaking. Performing Arts. Community Service.

As CLC Kenya, we support and share their philosophy that,

“It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.”
— Frederick Douglass – Orator, Writer, Statesman —

CLC Kenya Support Services for Josiah Kids USA Nominations

Parents with daughter using tablet relaxing at home, browsing mobile applications online

Application Assistance (at no cost)

We will prompt you and your child(ren) when the call for submission is made by Josiah Kids USA and help you in making the application.

digital camera with microphone for shooting video blog at home

Application Video Prepping & Shooting (at no cost - valued at Kes 10,000)

We will shoot on location at CLC Kenya, the 2 minutes video required by Josiah Kids USA for the nomination (T&C shoots are done only in December for the following May applications)

African American kids study with friends in class.

Josiah Kids Alumni Network (at no cost)

We will, in partnership with Josiah Kids USA, offer a platform for nominees to build connections, organize reunions, and serve as shining examples of the kind of young leaders the institution produces.

Previous Josiah Kids USA Nominees

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